About Jack Fertig

Thanks for visiting my site!

I’ve been studying astrology since 1969, and practicing professionally in San Francisco since 1977.  I write the internationally syndicated Q Scopes, teach Geo-Political Astrology at the International Academy of Astrology and see clients at my office near downtown San Francisco.

I’m also on the steering committee for the San Francisco Astrological Society and the steering committee for the Association For Astrological Networking, one of three principle astrological organizations based in the United States, but with international memberships.

While I do quite well as a personal consultant, reading and forecasting for clients, my real passion is in geo-political astrology, looking at long range historical trends and current events. Born into a political family I have been politically active as long as I can remember (over 50 years) and have had the pleasure to travel widely. As a child I was at Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington in 1963; I was in the Baltic nations as they were pulling out of the Soviet Union, and have enjoyed traveling in much of Europe, the Balkans, the Mid-East, and Indo-China.

This blog will carry my take on events as they occur, and how planetary motion indicates they would play out — observations as they happen in real life, too quickly to submit to print publication. I aim to write for a mixed audience including non-astrologers and seasoned pros. But the aim is to get things up fast while they are news. If it gets too jargony or anything needs clarification, please feel free to ask for explanations.

As yet this blog is brand new and I welcome your questions and suggestions.


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