The recent paroxysm of violence in Nigeria was “right on time” with the Sun opposing the national natal Mars.  Sadly it doesn’t look like it will let up in the next few days and the current aspects suggest much worse down the road.

Nigeria’s birth chart – set for independence at October 1, 1960 midnight in Lagos, Nigeria – features a grand cross with Mars at 4˚  Cancer in the 1st house, Sun at 7 ˚ Libra in the 4th, Eris at 9 ˚ Aries in the 10th and Saturn at 12 ˚ Capricorn in the 7th.   This is a built in set up for interethnic struggles easily tipping into violence.  That the “Boko Haram” group of Muslim extremists has gone on a killing spree just when the Sun is opposing Mars suggests that the violence will escalate over the next week.

To make it worse these degrees will be getting hit hard by the Uranus-Pluto square through 2012.  Every three months the Sun will hit one of those four quarters as it has since Nigeria’s independence.  These are trigger dates.  The influence of Pluto which had been opposing Nigeria’s Mars, is now square to her Sun, and will start mid-January to square her Eris points, along with Uranus, to mounting violence through the year or two ahead.

President Goodluck Jonathan has been enjoying the benefits of Jupiter in the 10th house, always a boon for the national executive, but Jupiter moves to the 11th house on January 10, giving the advantage to the National Assembly.

Neptune will be entering the 9th house, retrograding into the 8th, then forward again into the 9th in 2012.  This signals a rise in religious studies and faith.  This seems a dangerous thing for a country already divided violently between Christians and Muslims, but might prove a blessing.  The last 14 years Neptune (religious, spiritual beliefs) was in the 8th house (struggles and death – among other things).  Now moving into the 9th people may look to religious teachings for respite from religious violence.   Certainly there are Christians and Muslims who want peace and co-operation and any reading of the Qur’an should point out that Boko Haram is in fact beaucoup haram.   House changes with outer planets often start out on the wrong foot, stumbling to deal with a new energy.  This could feed into a surge in carnage in the next year or two with people finally getting fed up and turning to the religious message of peace. It can’t come too soon.  Alas, it won’t.


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