Uranus and Pluto in Bangladesh

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution a square between Pluto and Uranus has always come with workers organizing for better rights and pay.  A lot has been said about Greece and the Arab spring as the beginnings of the 4 year period in which this square will be taking place, but another side of it is the growth of an international labor movement.

Workers in Bangladesh are now organizing for basic workplace safety standards and we can support them in a small way by signing this petition at the International Labor Rights Forum website.


About jackfertig

Professional Astrologer with a special interest in geo-political ("mundane") astrology. I am available for personal consultations in person in San Francisco and online everywhere.
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2 Responses to Uranus and Pluto in Bangladesh

  1. mubeenah says:

    Salaams! I would never have even thought of doing astrological readings for geo-politics. Very interesting with so many possibilites. In Quebec students have been on strike for 6 weeks, over 300,000 with creative protests everyday, here in montreal anyway. They went up to Alma a small town, in solidarity with workers there that have been on strike, and there was a contingent from south africa there, in small town middlle of nowhere quebec.

  2. jackfertig says:

    Wa aleikum salaam! Originally astrology was all about geo-politics. The only nativities were for kings, and perhaps a few others born to great power or wealth. Personal horoscopes for the masses are a pretty recent development, and sun sign astrology only goes back about a century and a half. Glad to hear from la belle province. All best to the students and workers!

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