The bombing in Oslo took place under a nearly exact conjunction of Moon and Eris at 22 Aries in Norway’s 8th house highlighting the partisan attack of right-wing Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik on the officials and children of Norway’s Labor Party.  Breivik was arrested for shooting children at a Labor Party camp, killing at least 80,  about 20 miles away from Oslo just two few hours after the bombing.

Sextile to that conjunction was a transiting Mars-South Node conjunction is conjunct Norway’s Pluto at 21 Gemini.  It would be unfair to imply that Norway has any more suppressed violence than other nations, but this conjunction sucked it out into action – well… explosively.  Breivik’s Neptune at 20 Sagittarius, opposing that point is sextile Pluto in Libra and Sun and Mars in Aquarius, all making a kite with the T-node and Mars and Norway’s Pluto.   In his own chart (Feb. 13, 1979, time unknown, set as a solar chart for noon, CET)  Neptune squares the nodal axis.  Saturn is conjunct the North Node in Virgo in the solar 7th house.  The Moon moves fast enough to make her aspects within the possibilities of the day , but she is definitely conjunct Saturn, perhaps the Node (after about 2pm) and probably square Neptune (after about 11 am).

Until Breivik was apprehended muddled reports suggested that “Ansar al-jihad al-Alami” (“Helpers of the Global Jihad”) had claimed (or denied?) responsibility for the bombing which was in response to either the killing of Osama ben-Laden or the cartoons of Muhammed a couple of years back in Denmark, not Norway.  “Ansar al-jihad al-Alami” was in some reports described as “unknown” and until today they seemed only known to the Islamophobic websites, “Middle East Observatory” and “Jihadica.”  According to the NYT “American officials said the group… might not even exist.”   Mercury conjunct the MC opposing Neptune at the time of the bombing would indicate the initial confusion, and the ease with which many observers would fall into prejudice rather than looking objectively at facts.  Mars and the South Node in Gemini sextile Mercury, trine Neptune, and also sextile the Eris-Moon conjunction reflects the speed with which easy, knee-jerk blaming of Muslims spread before the killer was caught.  Lacking any apparent relevance newspapers have been raising issues of Norway’s military involvements alongside the US in the Islamic world, plus references to el-Qaeda.  Oddly they make little inquiry into Breivik’s background and none into right-wing extremist groups in Norway.  With Sun, Mars, and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius, all trine Pluto in his solar 8th house and an earth grand trine, it would seem that Breivik probably would have acted on his own, but only with a sense of encouragement and support from like-minded people. A Swedish paper reports that he was part of a Scandanavian neo-Nazi online forum. With the Sun in Norway’s 12th house through the month of August we may see some of those rats flushed out.


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