Dominique Strauss-Kahn… did he or didn’t he?

I can’t say for sure, but his chart is certainly that of an arrogant seducer quite used to getting his way.

Leo rising is normally very sure of himself and Pluto in the first house gives him great sexual charisma. That could be sublimated towards politics and he’s used that energy at both levels. Saturn in the 1st, also in Leo shows an innate sense of being less-than that often drives a great need to prove himself. Pluto is trine his Mid-heaven, Eris, and Moon, showing compulsive competitive drive. A 1st house Saturn might sit around feeling sorry for himself, but with those Pluto trines, it’s not bloody likely. Saturn is also trine Mars in Aries, and Sun and Venus in Taurus. Ambitious and practical, but also the need to prove himself sexually. It’s a classic “Don Juan” set up where a nagging fear of sexual inadequacy could drive him to conquest after conquest. Of course he may have overcome any sense of inadequacy and just enjoys the conquest. Pluto-Moon aspects pump up the libido. Bringing in the Erisian competitiveness, and then those Saturn aspects to sex indicators Mars and Venus (framing ego-self awareness Sun).

Jupiter in Aquarius in the 7th house suggests tenacity in his marriage, but that it allows him a lot of freedom. Wife Anne Sinclair (7/15/48 NYC time unknown) is a Cancer with a Scorpio moon. Married for 20 years his adventurousness can’t be news to her, but she is more concerned with maintaining her home and privacy than his philandering. Espcially for a Cancerian a moon in Scorpio requires a deep, special commitment, but that doesn’t always mean monogamy. Her Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Saj suggests that she enjoys a bit of rule-breaking fun herself, perhaps vicariously through her husband?

Even for a seducer who has taken advantage of a culture where such peccadilloes are generally ignored, this guy shows a lot of chutzpah. Does that mean he would have assaulted a NY hotel maid? Or is he being set up? I started out thinking this guy is too smart to do something that stupid; it must be a set up… Now, not so sure… Still, can’t rule it out. Uranus is now conjunct D S-K’s Moon, ruler of his house of secret enemies. Transiting Mars is conjunct his Sun, suggesting he may be under attack, but both those aspects can also suggest acting rashly on impulse, and Venus and Mars squaring his Ascendant reinforce that, and Jupiter now conjunct his Mars in the 9th house guaranteeing lots of publicity, probably adverse. Had he asked me I’d have warned him of a week that would put his name into headlines so keep it squeaky-clean and focus on some great accomplishment.

But then he never called me. Tant pis!


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