Moroccans Demonstrate in Rabat. Hold onto your Fez!

Unemployed workers started demonstrating in Morocco, challenging the Prime Minister, Abbas al-Fasi for not fulfilling promises to provide work for university graduates.

Morocco was independent on May 28, 1956 at 11:00 AM GMT, born with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction rising. That makes it especially sensitive to the Jupiter-Pluto square coming up on the 25th. Will demonstrations and demands expand? Could be. Actually the square will have Jupiter in Morocco’s 8th house (sextile to Morocco’s natal Sun in Gemini in the 10th house) and Pluto in the 5th. Considering recent history in the region The King and the PM should be able to get some investment capital in to provide those jobs! This is a tough call. Jupiter brings opportunity, but with a square to Pluto it won’t come that easily and can have a very steep price.

Mercury now in Morocco’s 6th house strengthens the voice of labor. In a few days Merc goes into the 7th house opening new negotiations between political parties. On the 22nd Venus enters the 6th house, a good time to ameliorate working conditions and the jobs market.

That Jupiter-Pluto square could still prove explosive and force a change in government, but if the government moves quickly to meet demands and resolve the immediate issues. Still, there are deeper issues of wide-spread poverty, and unemployment is much broader than just a bunch of new grads looking for work. The government would only be buying time, but that would show that they are at least open to negotiating and larger demands will come sooner or later. Pluto is in quincunx and then Uranus in sextile to Morocco’s natal sun on and off for the next couple of years. The constitutional monarchy may remain safely intact, but my advice to cabinet members: Don’t get too settled into your seats!


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